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SFX Software Core Separations
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SFX Software

Whether you are in a demanding research environment or within a highly regulated cGMP manufacturing facility, our SFX software has been designed from the ground up, to be both a flexible and powerful companion in processing supercritical fluids.

SFX Software Core Separations
SFX Software Core Separations

Grafana is an open-source platform which offers the ability to efficiently unite a variety of data sources within our system such as flow, pressure and temperature readings. The customisable dashboard helps the data to be easily visualised by the user for effective process monitoring and control.

SFX Software Core Separations

When dealing with high pressure systems, pressure control is key. Standard control is accomplished using proportional, integral and derivative control (PID). Unsatisfied with the standard level of control, Core Separations developed APC (Advanced Pressure Control). This multilevel PID control achieves superior operational management while maintaining rapid pressure build up.

SFX Software Core Separations

SQL database to store all data and Metadata. Data are never deleted or removed by these systems. Users can archive and store archives in secure locations. Archives can subsequently be viewed as read-only files on the system. User ID/ Password to track the time, date, and name of the user performing actions. The event is recorded, and appropriate before/after states are recorded.

Key Features

  • SFX Software Core SeparationsDashboard visualisation of key processing parameters
  • SFX Software Core SeparationsManual control of key components within the SFX system in real time using APC to accurately control the pressure
  • SFX Software Core SeparationsRecipe menu allows you to automate a variety of conditions including flow rates, temperatures and pressures over a defined time limit.
  • SFX Software Core SeparationsReal time data logging and visualisation via Grafana Dashboard
  • SFX Software Core SeparationsProgrammable warning and alarm limits to alert the user that the system conditions are approaching the cut off safety limits.
  • SFX Software Core SeparationsSQL database logs all the alarms and user activity to aid in fault detection and diagnosis.

Software tutorial videos

SFX Software Dashboard

SFX software walk through of the Core Separations control software. Video walks through the initial dashboard presented to the user when starting the system.

SFX Software Charts

This video details the graphing section of the SFX software. Data is collected using Grafana plugin creating convenient plots of all the data collected by the Core Separation systems.

SFX Software Recipes

The SFX software has the ability to create a complex multi-stage process in the recipe section. Each step defined by a time limit (mins) can alter the setpoints for each of the system components. This video describes how this is accomplished.

SFX Software Alarms and Events

The SFX software logs all the sensor data including all the alarms and events into a SQL database. The Alarm and Events data can be viewed in the software to determine what faults may have happened during a run.

SFX Software Data Download

All the data that is collected using the Core Separations SFX software is available to by download as a CSV file. This video describes how this is done.

SFX Software Settings – PID

This page contains all the settings that can be altered to customise the Core Separations control system for a particular process. The settings range from heater controls to pressure and flow controls on the pumps and ABPR.

SFX Software Settings – Profiles

Within the Core Separations software, setting profiles can be created that contain a range of PID multipliers. These profiles can then be saved and loaded for a specific process. Multiple profiles can be used in a recipe to help fully custom the systems response to process parameters.


SFX Software Core Separations


SFX Software Core Separations


SFX Software Core Separations

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SFX Software Core Separations