Over the last few years, the Cannabis industry has gone from strength to strength.  But it is worth acknowledging that the early pioneers of this industry faced several challenges.

Supercritical CO2 has been around for over 40 years, most notably with companies such as Thar Instruments, Separex and Natex leading the way in Supercritical CO2 extraction technology.

It has primarily been associated with Hop extraction within the beer industry, decaffeination of coffee and the production of flavours and fragrances.

This niche technology has required a fundamental understanding on how supercritical fluids work to manipulate the properties in order to create a successful process.

As the Cannabis industry began to evolve at a rapid rate, these pioneers had a steep and fast learning curve to produce the quality products we currently seen on the market.

The Core Separations founder and CEO Harbaksh Sidhu has spent over 25 years of his career working within this industry starting with Thar instrument and ultimately rising to the CEO before its sale to the Waters Corporation in 2012.

Although Core Separations is only 3 years old it has a combined knowledge of over 25 years in CO2 extraction experience.

Discovering a company that not only produces equipment but has historic knowledge of the industries technological development is rare.  Core Separations also has the added advantage of understanding processing techniques, making it unique in its field.

In 2018 Core Separations began to use their expertise to improve and streamline the operation of an extraction facility run by PWO based in Colorado, USA.  The joint venture of PWO and Core Separations was one of the first vertically integrated extraction facilities in the USA.   Core Separations provided the equipment and expertise to produce a high-quality Cannabis product.

In 2020 we continue to improve production efficiency within the extraction facility, continually upgrading our systems to meet demand.  This has allowed us to grow the business while still producing a high-quality Cannabis product.