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The ESS (Extraction Screening System) is aimed at users wanting to screen multiple supercritical conditions to optimise their process. It can also be used to prepare samples for HPLC or GC analysis, for instance in food safety and pesticide analysis. Utilising 8 extraction vessels (10mL, 25mL or 50mL) the ESS can be programmed to screen a variety of conditions automatically collecting each extract into separate collection bottles. Capable of generating pressures on up to 10,000 psi (689 bar) and 100 oC this versatile system is suitable for even the most demanding extractions.

PLE (Pressurised Liquid Extraction)

PLE also known as accelerated solvent extraction (ASE) and pressurised solvent extraction (PSE) uses both high pressure and temperature liquids to improve liquid solid extraction process.  High pressures and temperatures act to improve solvation promoting mass transfer through high sample penetration, increasing extraction efficiency.

The ESS implements dual fluid delivery system allowing both the induction of CO2, CO2 + solvent or just solvent into the 8 extraction vessels.

Sample Preparation

Preparing samples for analysis is key for ensuring results are both repeatable and reproducible.  Correct sample preparation also helps to improve sensitivity and prolongs column life by removing unwanted contaminants that may interfere with the analysis.  The ESS can be used with either CO2, CO2 and a modifier or just pure solvent to effectively prepare any solid sample ready for analysis.  Samples can be prepared in duplicate using the dual vessel arrangement.  Every 2 vessels are in one of the 4 heated zones ensuring each dual pair is heated to the same temperature.  This makes the ESS the ideal choice for sample preparation capable or operating under a wide variety of conditions.

SFE (Supercritical Fluid Extraction)

Like PLE, Supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) using CO2 is a technique to extract material from a solid matrix.  Higher pressures are required compared to PLE to effectively extract compounds from solids.  CO2 in its critical phase behaves like a non-polar, lipophilic solvent that has the benefit of being cheap, renewable and leaves the extracted residue solvent free once the CO2 returns to its gas state.

The ESS delivery system includes a high pressure CO2 pump capable of delivering pressures up to 600 bar @ 15g/min.

Extraction Screening

Optimising an extraction, when using CO2 as a supercritical fluid can be time consuming when exploring both the effect of varying the pressure and temperature on the yield and purity. This optimisation can be greatly improved using the ESS which can be programmed with up to 8 individual conditions to help quickly screen for the best results.

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SFX Control Software

When dealing with high pressure systems, pressure control is key.  Core Separations developed APC (Advanced Pressure Control). This multilevel PID control achieves superior operational management while maintaining rapid pressure build up.
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Automated Extraction

Extractions run sequentially over the 8 positions controlled by the SFX software. Automated valving allow for unattended operation.

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Independent Conditions

System runs sequential through the 8 vessel positions allowing the user to define different pressures for each vessel, The temperature is controlled through 4 heater zones allowing for each vessel pair to be controlled to the same temperature.

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Automated Collection

Each vessel is paired with a collection position allowing each individual extraction to be isolated and collected in its own bottle.


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