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About Us Core Separations
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About Us Core Separations
Here at Core we emphasize Separations over extraction, fractionating different components during the collection process. Anyone can build a system and perform an extraction. But it takes true understanding of supercritical fluids to perform a separation.

The Core Separations’ team leverages decades of innovative and extensive supercritical fluid experience. With a vertically integrated facility based in Dallas, Texas, USA we control design and manufacture of our systems. This permits us to engineer systems to solve specific
application problems.

Our systems embody extensive, unparalleled experience in SCF technology to deliver highest and reliable performance for any environment whether that be small or large industrial scale systems.

Now with our new office and staff in the UK we are set not only to build on their knowledge of the local market but to extend our experience throughout Europe .

Core | Development Timeline

Over the last 3 years we have been busy trying to push the boundaires of supercritical science by engineering products addressing the most common application problems our customers face.  As a reult we have created a core range of products to address the most common requirements in supercritical fluid processing, from extraction to particle engineering, cleaning to sterilisation, liquid – liquid extraction column and sample preparation.  With every new project we have built on and advanced our SFX software in order to perform some of the most challenging tasks in both research and production environments and we intend to continue this throughtout 2023!

About Us Core Separations